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Auto Locksmith Wandsworth

Auto Locksmith Wandsworth

The auto locksmith business has been growing for many years now and the advancements made in vehicle security systems are hard to ignore. At the beginning of the 90s all vehicle owners had to contend with were their keys and the locks on their doors. This means that the only thing that kept the next car thief from driving off with your newly acquired vehicle was a crowbar, a screw driver or a coat hanger. That’s why reports of missing cars were so high around that time. Transponder systems would soon be introduced to cars. With these systems a transponder was embedded in part of the key and the vehicle wouldn’t start if the transponder in the key didn’t have the right code. These systems are still in use today but the first versions of the transponders were not infallible. Thieves soon found ways of hacking into the systems. Nowadays things are much more different. The security systems used in vehicles are so advanced that car thieves are finding it easier to just go for the car keys.

Thanks to these advancements in vehicle security, people’s cars are safer but this also means that locking your keys in your car can be a nerve-racking experience for you. Not many locksmiths have the competence to get past these security systems and even in London there are not many qualified locksmiths that help you to get into your recently bought car. This however means that when you need Replacement Keys Wandsworth service you’ll only be able to turn to highly competent locksmiths who have the skills and experience required to get past these security systems. This means companies such as Auto Locksmith London who now offer auto locksmith Wandsworth service that you need whether you’ve left the key in your boot or lost it down a drain.

Our people are not just skilled. To enable them to provide people with auto locksmith solutions that work on modern vehicles, we also supply them with state of the art tools that are purpose built to bypass modern security features in the vehicle. Obviously, having these kind of tools in the wrong hands can be a huge problem. This is why we put very high integrity requirements when we hire the people who work for us. This ensures that we don’t expose our clients to any unnecessary risks when they call on us.

We also offer Broken Keys Wandsworth services in case your key breaks and you need a replacement of if it breaks off in your door or ignition. Our Lost Keys Wandsworth service is a reliable choice to call on if your keys suddenly go missing. Coupled with the Transponder Programming Wandsworth keys may need, we will ensure that even if the lost keys are in the wrong hands your car is still safe. 

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