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Sometimes you can see the danger signs before your car key breaks. This means you’ll be able to use our Replacement Keys Wimbledon service to get a new key and not have to deal with the headache of a key breaking inside your lock or ignition. This means that if you’re keen enough, you could enjoy your car without ever needing Broken Keys Wimbledon services. However, when it comes to losing car keys this is a different problem. In many cases, we have been called by clients who believe themselves to be extremely cautions after losing their car keys. Why is it so hard to prevent this?

Many of the clients who call us for our Lost Keys Wimbledon service are not those who lost their keys in some public place or forgot about them on a restaurant table. Sometimes people lose their car keys in their own homes. The comfort and security in our houses can make us too comfortable and some people don’t even place their keys on the same spot twice in one week. Therefore, there’s always a chance that you’ll leave your key somewhere and not be able to find it even if it’s in your own house.

Additionally, there’s the fact that many of the people who come to us about lost keys are usually talking about stolen keys. With the beefed up security systems that you find in many cars nowadays, car thieves have realised that it’s much simpler to just steal the keys and gain direct entry to the vehicles. There have even been cases of thieves breaking into houses to steal car keys. With this kind of problem, in case your keys suddenly go missing in a public place, you have a very good reason to worry. The worst thing you can do in such a situation is to leave the car parked anywhere and wait to deal with the problem the following day. You may wake up to find that the thief already came for the car even if you parked it outside your home.

The best thing to do in such a situation is to get in touch with us at Auto Locksmith London where we can ensure that our lost keys Wimbledon locksmith is with you as quickly as possible. We don’t move this quickly just to give you another key. This is also important because it can help to secure your car against the stolen key. Our service includes Transponder Programming Wimbledon services so the computer in your car can recognise the new key but not the old one. As soon as you have your new key in your hand from us, you can be sure that the stolen key will no longer be able to be used to make away with your car.

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